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PoMoc. Commitment to survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland

Nabór od 30.03.2021 do 31.05.2021 23:59
EVZ Foundation
Friedrichstraße 200 10117 Berlin Germany
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Celem programu PoMoc jest zapewnienie ocalałym z prześladowań narodowosocjalistycznych w Polsce na starość godnego i samodzielnego życia. Konkurs skierowany jest do organizacji obywatelskich, organizacji non-profit i instytucji zaangażowanych w pomoc ocalałym z prześladowań narodowosocjalistycznych w Polsce. Możliwe są projekty partnerskie między organizacjami niemieckimi i polskimi.

An estimated 50,000 people who were persecuted by the National Socialist occupying power still live in Poland. The challenges facing survivors of National Socialist persecution in their everyday lives as very elderly persons are similar to those facing other seniors in Poland: Above all, these include loneliness, insufficient knowledge of their own rights, low pensions and social benefits, often insufficient health care and difficulty accessing information in an increasingly digitalized world. This makes these people highly vulnerable and often leads to them being socially excluded, too. Moreover, many of the survivors are still suffering today, both physically and mentally, due to their traumatic experiences during the National Socialist era and therefore need special support. The aim of the PoMoc program is to ensure that survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland can continue to enjoy a good, dignified, and self-determined life in their old age. 

Program objectives

The funding of projects as part of the PoMoc program is to ensure that:

  • the survivors are socially integrated and participate in society;
  • the survivors feel better provided for regarding their basic physical and mental needs;
  • the survivors know their rights and have access to state and other services;
  • organizations and individuals working on behalf of the survivors have better expert knowledge.

Funding priorities

In the funding decision, special preference will be given to projects,

  • whose target groups consist to at least 75 percent of survivors of National Socialist persecution (see primary target group)
  • that plan activities for less mobile survivors in their home or neighborhood.

Target group of the activities

The primary target group of the activities is survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland. This includes survivors of National Socialist concentration camps, the ghettos and National Socialist forced labor, Holocaust survivors (Jews and Roma), and other groups of people persecuted by the National Socialist occupying power, for example forcibly ‘Germanized’ children. Secondary target groups include older people born before May 1945 who were victims of National Socialist population and occupation policies. The participation of other seniors is only possible to a small extent and only during group activities.

The professional and methodological further training measures are aimed at the funded organizations and their personnel as well as at professionals, volunteers, and care-giving family members of the survivors involved in the project.

Who can submit a proposal?

The call for proposals is aimed at civic, non-profit organizations and institutions that are committed to the survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland or wish to be in the future. Projects in partnerships between German and Polish organizations are possible.

What activities will be funded?

  • Services to improve social participation by the survivors
    e.g. meeting points, joint cultural and leisure activities, group activities
  • Activities to improve the physical and mental health of the survivors
    e.g. health-promoting activities (gymnastics, breathing and physical exercises, nutrition, etc.)
  • Services to provide practical support to survivors in everyday life
    e.g. help around the house, transport services, repair services, help with using technology (including IT messenger services for communication)
  • Advice and support when dealing with state and other services
    e.g. support for accessing services (if necessary, including digital access), help applying for service
  • Voluntary commitment to survivors
    e.g. home visits by volunteers, neighborhood assistance, and networks, over 60s volunteers
  • Professional further training measures for employees, volunteers, and care-giving family members
    e.g. training, workshops, exchange of expertise, job shadowing etc.

What will not be funded?

  • Home or hospital care, health resort stays
  • Costs for the ongoing work of interest group or victim associations
  • Projects that consist solely of forwarding material aid to survivors (e.g. reimbursement of medication and food purchases)
  • Projects that exclusively serve the purpose of remembering or commemorating the victims of National Socialism
  • Construction or investments in construction
  • Academic work and publications

What costs will be covered?

  • Non-personnel running costs
    e.g. costs for events, catering, materials, fees
  • Personnel costs
    e.g. project coordination, assistants for seniors
  • one-off non-personnel costs
    e.g. technical devices
  • administration costs of up to 7 percent of the total costs

Project duration and financing

Project duration: at least 12 months, maximal 24 months
Projects are expected to begin on September 1, 2021 at the earliest
Funding sum up to 30,000 euros per year